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Idaho Escape Rooms

2.15: Finding a Business Opportunity through Something you Enjoy with Jennifer Jones of Idaho Escape Rooms

Jennifer Jones and her husband, Robert, first experienced an escape room while on vacation. At the time, they were in jobs and never really had entrepreneurial inclinations. Yet, they found themselves in a position where there were open to new ideas and new adventures. Jennifer shares how she and her husband got the business started and how they run things today. We discuss doing the market research, planning, getting customers, and working together as a couple.

SMB stories

2.14: Building a Business through Building Community with Kit and Rosie Volcano

Kit & Rosie Volcano are building up community and individuals through yoga. They put aside their own business to devote their time to helping other heal. Not only that, but teaching yoga has taken them around the world...


2.13: How to be Resourceful with Lori De La Cruz of Virtuoso Home Improvement

At the height of the economic recession, Lori's husband lost is electrical contracting job. With no other options, Lori and Anthony started Virtuoso Home Improvement as a way to try to make ends meet. Anthony did the marketing, sales, and field work while Lori handled the back office functions. Working together, Virtuoso has withstood the test of time. In this interview, Lori shares how she had to get resourceful to find solutions to issues that came up as the business progressed. Plus, she did all of this while working a full time job!


3 Fundamental Marketing Strategies to Help your Business Stand Out

For the past few months, Small Business Stories has sponsored a free business seminar for small businesses. I’m considering recording...

2.12: What it Means to Burn all Bridges and Leave No Retreat with Anthony De la Cruz of Virtuoso Home Improvement

Anthony's story provides a great example of what it really means to sink or swim. He lost his job as an electrical contractor when his boss committed suicide during the economic downturn...

3 Ways to Protect What You Create

Overview As a business owner, you create things.  You might create products or services and sell them.  Maybe you create...

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