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In case you are wondering who I am and why I have the gall to start a website about small business, I’m an attorney. I use my legal training and skills to help small business owners solve problems. In the interest of full transparency, I’d like this podcast to help me grow my influence in the small business space and to grow my business. I also happen to be the #1 fan of small business in the world—and if not the world, than at least in my household. So if you need legal help with your small business, check out my services!

About Small Business Stories

Many of the stories you will hear or see on this site follow the same pattern: There is a moment of desperation or a leap of faith, a significant challenge, the perseverance to overcome, endurance, and, ultimately, success. Although the patterns may be the similar, the people and their experiences are always unique. The lessons we can learn from their stories can often be profound and lasting—not just in business, but in life.

I hope you enjoy my collection of Small Business Stories. The people who share their stories are normal people just like you and me. They run the types of businesses you might see in your local community. If you run a small business, consider sharing your story. If you want help starting or running your business, let’s get in touch!

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To provide EIEIO to friends of the small business community: Entertainment, Inspiration, Education, Information, and Opinions.


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