3 Fundamental Marketing Strategies to Help your Business Stand Out

For the past few months, Small Business Stories has sponsored a free business seminar for small businesses. I’m considering recording...

3 Ways to Protect What You Create

Overview As a business owner, you create things.  You might create products or services and sell them.  Maybe you create...

JLD answers my question on how to Niche on Facebook live!

If you’ve followed my podcast for a while you may know that I joined John Lee Dumas’ mastermind group “Fire...

“I want to start a business, but where do I find the time?”– A 3 Step Solution.

I recently ran a product giveaway (thank you Cotopaxi and FiberFix) and part of the entry requirements were that people...

5 Marketing Psychology Tips No One Understands But You Can Use Anyway

These are 5 marketing tips I learned from a webinar on advanced customer acquisition by Neil Patel. The 5 tips I share are designed to get more people to self-identify as candidates for your program or product. I'm using them on my website now! Take a look and see what you think!

You won’t believe what I have planned for the next year … #4 will blow your mind and #6 will leave you flabbergasted. You’ll probably feel somewhat impartial about #7-9 and then, WHAM, you see #10 and the next thing you know your socks are literally gone. But if none of that happens, you’ll at least agree that this is the longest most click-baity blog title that you’ve ever read.

The Story of the Blog Title The Have any of you heard of Pat Flynn of He’s one of the...

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