Idaho Escape Rooms

2.15: Finding a Business Opportunity through Something you Enjoy with Jennifer Jones of Idaho Escape Rooms

Jennifer Jones and her husband, Robert, first experienced an escape room while on vacation. At the time, they were in jobs and never really had entrepreneurial inclinations. Yet, they found themselves in a position where there were open to new ideas and new adventures. Jennifer shares how she and her husband got the business started and how they run things today. We discuss doing the market research, planning, getting customers, and working together as a couple.

2.11: One Key to Making Better Business Decisions with Doug Kauer of Kauer Guitars

Summary When I do an interview with someone, there’s usually some sort of theme that tends to stand out. In...

20. Edmund McMillan trekked the long journey to overnight success. He’s sold millions of copies of his games.

You may recognize him as the designer of the hit game Super Meat Boy or from the award winning documentary...

14. Matt McGovern has done what it takes to make World Fighting Championship a success

World Fighting Championships promotes Mixed-Martial Arts events. Matt McGovern started it as a side business and grew it into his full-time gig. Matt shares a lot of powerful experiences and great insights that can help any business owner find success.

13. SANTA!!! (need I say more?)

John Hanks is an actor who plays the iconic role of Santa Claus! You’ll hear how he got started playing...

8. Choong Ng turned 2,000 lbs of rubberbands into a hit business: Rainbow Loom

Choon Ng invested his life savings into purchasing 2,000 pounds of rubber bands and plastic tools. He then created Rainbow...

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