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2.14: Building a Business through Building Community with Kit and Rosie Volcano

Kit & Rosie Volcano are building up community and individuals through yoga. They put aside their own business to devote their time to helping other heal. Not only that, but teaching yoga has taken them around the world...


2.13: How to be Resourceful with Lori De La Cruz of Virtuoso Home Improvement

At the height of the economic recession, Lori's husband lost is electrical contracting job. With no other options, Lori and Anthony started Virtuoso Home Improvement as a way to try to make ends meet. Anthony did the marketing, sales, and field work while Lori handled the back office functions. Working together, Virtuoso has withstood the test of time. In this interview, Lori shares how she had to get resourceful to find solutions to issues that came up as the business progressed. Plus, she did all of this while working a full time job!

2.12: What it Means to Burn all Bridges and Leave No Retreat with Anthony De la Cruz of Virtuoso Home Improvement

Anthony's story provides a great example of what it really means to sink or swim. He lost his job as an electrical contractor when his boss committed suicide during the economic downturn...

2.10: How to Turn Your Side Hustle into a Real Business

Summary Starting a side business (or “Side Hustling”) is something that seems to get a lot of attention now-a-days. ย There...

2.07: A Contract to Myself

I wrote a contract to myself as part of a 4-day business conference with Nick Unsworth of Life on Fire. I was concerned that it was going to be a bunch of cheesy, motivational stuff for suckers. But I can honestly say that I was blown away. I learned so much about myself, life, and business. I was also able to tune-up my vision for what I'm trying to accomplish with my podcast and my life, really. So please have a listen!

2.05: Nick Wester had 6 months to build a business. The Story of Find Fakes

Nick was working as a manager for a successful corporation in China. In case you've not heard, China has a reputation for pollution (sorry China, but you can be kind of gross in that way). Unfortunately, Nick's son started having some health complications as a result of pollution and so his family decided it was time to go. He used his savings to move back to the US and started a business of his own. A few months later he was down to his last $3,000 and contemplated giving up the business and taking a job he was offered. Instead, he put in even more work to making his business succeed. Six months in, he broke even and determined that his business could make it.

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