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There are some parts about business that are NOT sexy and NOT fun… but they still have to be DONE! I’m here to help with that!

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How to Think like a Lawyer

Understand how to find the law and how to apply it to your situation. Also, should you do that?


Small Business Law Basics

Learn about how to identify and prepare for basic legal issues that you face as a business owner.


How to Actually Start a Business

Learn what you need to do to actually make your business exist in the real world.


Contracts: What you need to know

Many contracts include similar types of terms. Learn what they are so you can know what you want.


How to Use FREE FORMS to write any contract

Learn what to look for when you read or write a contract. Plus, how to use FREE forms to do it.


How the Law Protects What You Create

Intellectual property laws allow people to protect the things they create–inventions, brands, and works.


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