2.13: How to be Resourceful with Lori De La Cruz of Virtuoso Home Improvement


At the height of the economic recession, Lori’s husband lost is electrical contracting job. With no other options, Lori and Anthony started Virtuoso Home Improvement as a way to try to make ends meet. Anthony did the marketing, sales, and field work while Lori handled the back office functions. Working together, Virtuoso has withstood the test of time. In this interview, Lori shares how she had to get resourceful to find solutions to issues that came up as the business progressed. Plus, she did all of this while working a full time job!

This is part 2 of the Virtuoso Home Improvement story. You can also listen to Anthony’s side of the story.


You can reach Lori at delacruz@virtuosovegas.com.

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