2.14: Building a Business through Building Community with Kit and Rosie Volcano


When Kit & Rosie first tried Forrest Yoga, the experience transformed them. Yoga helped them get in tune with themselves and overcome personal barriers. The experience was so transformational that Kit decided to give up his successful hair salon in Chicago and dedicate himself to teaching others the same yoga exercises. Rosie felt the same way. She put aside her growing message therapy business. Together, they trained and prepared themselves for this new venture.

As they were doing so, they saw a need for more connection between people in the yoga community. It’s also what they wanted. So they started up a Facebook group, invited people they knew to join. The next thing they knew, they were on their way to Scotland at the beginning of a world tour teaching others their yoga techniques.

Kit and Rosie are continuing to build community as they teach yoga through The Little Volcano.


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Business Planning — 40 by the 4th (of July)

I’m looking to get on the phone with 40 business owners (or hopeful owners) to talk about business planning. Business plans do not need to be complicated. You need a plan so you know where you are trying to go. Don’t shoot from the hip! “The failure to plan is a plan to fail” — Benjamin Franklin.

If you want to get outside perspective on your plans, or if you want help making one, let’s get in touch: leland at smbstories.com.

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